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of a drive-by, no arrests made. >>> president obama will give the most important speech of his reelection campaign tonight when he accepts his party's nomination at the democratic national convention. last night president clinton made an impassioned case for a second term for mr. obama katie marzullo has the highlights and local reaction. >> reporter: democrats are thrilled with president clinton's speech last night especially considering some past bad blood as you know hillary clinton and president obama were locked in a bitter battle in time four years ago. president obama must have been pleased as well he watched from backstage then joined bill clinton on stage after the speech and the two shared a hug. president clinton fired up the delegates he said president obama laid the foundation for a more modern, well balanced economy that will produce millions of good, new jobs. he said voting for president obama is a vote for a society in which we are all in together. democratic law makers from california and in the bay area are gushing over the performance. senator boxer said she was "over
obama's argument his work is unfinished. >> the platform includes a call for higher taxes on wealthier americans while backing same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the first lady will close out the evening with a primetime speech. >>> john burton will be at the convention on the heels of an inflammatory remark he made about republicans. the former congressman and state senate leader from san francisco has apologized for comparing what he sees as republican campaign rhetoric to the big lights told by nazi propaganda chief tkpwerpbls during world war ii, he -- he clarified his remarks. >> if you are not telling the truth you are lying and said joseph tkpwebls concept was the big lie if you tell it enough people will think it is the truth. >> house minority leader pelosi says she has no problems with the explanation. romney campaign called it gutter politics the white house called it inappropriate. mark matthews in charlotte for the democratic convention he will be reporting live starting at 4 p.m. get instant updates all weeklong by following him on our facebook page. mark is tweeting.
and why the stakes are so high for president obama and the nation. >> president obama has less than 70 days to convince voters to stay the course. >> that's why i am running for president. the united states of america! >> democrats need to make the election a choice between president obama's plans for economic recovery and that of republicans. not a referendum on the president' record. >> president obama's theme to the election has been forward. that he will take the country forward. he has to actually show how he's going to do that. >> but with a struggling economy, that many been easy. polls show that americans have grown increasingly frustrated with the president's handling of the economy and that's making this a very tight race. >> we know we still have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be. but we are going to get there! >> next week in charlotte it will be up to democrats to tout the obama presidency. >> because my healthcare law, obamacare, you know, i call his plan romney doesn't care. >> a reignited base. >> four more years! >> and a plan for america's future. >> i
this election is personal for president obama. katie marzullo joins more. >> reporter: bill clinton will be a big name tonight. there's a big name hits closer to home. california attorney general kamala harris is scheduled to speak at 6:00 tonight. harris rose to national fame after winning a massive settlement from the big banks for victimized california homeowners. president clinton will speak after 7:00 his support of president obama is a cue. -- this is a coup. 2/3 rate clinton favorably and half of republicans do. last night it was about the first lady. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make, it is about the difference you make in people's lives. >> so sincere and so real and you cannot help but know that it touches everybody. >> reporter: the mayor of san antonio, texas julian castro gave the keynote address he's considered the up and comer in the party. and president obama is counting on the latino vote. president obama was propelled to prominence after he gave the keynote speech at the convention eight years ago. the president arrives in charlotte today.
to the kenyon young stomach children's benefit memorial tpupd. we received thousand -- >>> 5:05. president obama is charging on to the campaign trail in new hampshire and iowa today after outlining his path for the country in his speech on the final night of the democratic national convention. the president accepted his party's nomination and acknowledged challenges going forward but vowed problems can be solved. he said voters have a chance in november not between candidates but between a fundamental difference in the path the country should take. >> the president: we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes but we keep our eye on that distance horizon knowing providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth! >> democrats hope the president's message will resonate with voters knowing they most likely will not get much of a post convention bounce in this tight race. >> mitt romney will also be campaigning in iowa and new hampshire today and will be backed by a major television campaign across eight swing states romney announced
. there will be a moment of silence at 5:46, our time that will be the first event this morning. president obama will be attending a ceremony at the pentagon. vice president biden is expected to speak at the flight 93 national memorial near shanksville, pennsylvania. into flight was en route to san francisco, when it crashed. in new york city, this time this is different, only relatives will be speaking at today's ceremonies monies. no politicians will be addressing the gathering, -- >>> it is difficult to find peace and quiet time to celebrate my son. >> i think everybody wants to remember 9/11. we need of our privacy too. >> four and a half million people have visited the 9/11 memorial since it opened last year. here in san francisco coit tower lit up in red, white and blue in honor of the fallen. >> the san francisco fire department is inviting the public to its remembrance ceremony. every year all 43 san francisco fire stations holder is monies for those who died on 9/11, special remembering their brothers. a minute of silence observed and the names of the 343 new york city firefighters who
. president obama got a boost from one voter in florida, the bear hug seen around the world. the president popped into a pizza parlor in fort pierce and the owner maybe got a little carried away while in florida president obama was courting seniors by criticizing romney's medicare plan. romney appeared on "meet the press ".in an attempt to clarify his plans for obamacare. >> the president: here's the bottom line, their plan bankrupts medicare. our plan strengthens medicare. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course there are a number of things that i like that i'm going to put in place, one to make sure that those with preexisting conditions with get courtroom. >> reporter: president obama raised more than 114 million dollars in august, romney brought in 111 million the first time in four months the democrats have out-raised gop but the third straight month that romney has raised more than 100 million dollars. mitt romney is holding a campaign rally today in ohio, no republican has won the presidency without winning that battleground state. president obama is scheduled
temperamentally, i don't think -- >> would she run for the white house? barbara walters asks president obama if his wife has a future in politics? what the first lady had to say about her husband's response. >>> peanut butter recall that touches california is growing. what you need to know.mlnmÑ what >>> high temperatures today at the coast more cloud cover than yesterday up are 50s to low 60s, 64 in san francisco, low 70s hazy sunshine around the bay, 70s to mid to upper 80s in the valleys, especially east bay valleys. doppler over the last three hours, quiet across the entire state. all wet weather moving away. near 100 palm springs today. closer to average l.a. and san diego upper 70s. low 90s through the central valley, 71 in tahoe and big sur with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. >>> 5:50. president obama is set to address the united nations general assembly in a little more than two hours from now he's expected to declare anti-american rain and riots among muslims abroad will never force the u.s. to backtrack on diplomacy. there's little doubt the presidential campaign will hang he
reports. >> what was once seen as solidly in president obama's corner, but with just six weeks in election day, the badger state may be up for grabs. mitt romney has been there 17 times since then, the president was there yesterday. in 2008 mr. obama won wisconsin by 14 points but knee policy show a tight race. romney was fundraising in california with his running mate who dumped in battleground flaherty. >> the president came in with hope and change. well, hope has fell away from us. >> ryan said the obama administration has failed on the economy. >> we must restore the american idea of opportunity. of upward mobility. >> let's hear a greeting! [cheers and applause] >> vice president biden campaigned in new hampshire. granite state has only four electoral vote but both campaigns are fighting hard for them. >> never, never, never have we built this country from the top down. it's always been built from the middle out. >> rallying union members in manchester said the romney-ryan economic plan to take the country backwards. >> they are doubling down on everything to cause the economic crisis
. >> the first debate against president obama and his challenger mitt romney is just three days away. karen traverse reports on what both sides are doing to prepare for the showdown. >> president obama and mitt romney were out of the public eye as they get ready for that you are first debate this wednesday. with the campaign duties. and vice president biden stumped in florida for the second consecutive days. he slammed republicans and the bush administration for the skyrocketing deficit. >> by the time the reigns got turned back over to bach and me, they had doubled the national debt in eight years. >> with his path to the white house shrinking, florida is looking like a must-win area for romney. but his running mate focused on new hampshire. the granite state has just four electoral votes but ryan said it could be the difference in a race that will come down to a handful of states. >> thank you, granite staters, for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. >> the campaign shifts into a stink stage with the high stacks showdown 2003 president obama and romney
ryan campaigned separately in ohio before sharing the stage back in florida. and president obama began a three-day tour with two stops in iowa. abc news reporter chuck severson has the latest on the race to the white house. >>> just days before the democratic convention, president obama launched a road to charlotte tour in battleground iowa, trying to recapture the wave of enthusiasm he rode four years ago. he's trying to convince voters not to let republicans put the country in reverse. stay the course instead. >> we've got a lot more work to do. we've got more doors of opportunity to open to every single american who is willing to work hard and work through them. we've come too far to turn back now! >> it could be a tough sell with the unemployment rate at 8.3% and fierce the ailing economy will relapse into a recession. gop presidential nominee mitt romney told supporters in ohio mr. obama dropped the ball and it's time to change the game plan. >> he was going to create more jobs, and today 23 million people are out of work or have stopped look for work or are underemployed. let me
an degrees military base in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. hillary clinton new him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the will bean people from a tyrant, and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after yesterday's ceremonies, the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher stevens's funeral are pending. >>> this morning our media partner san jose news said a caltrain operator smoked marijuana before a near disaster. passengers jumped for their lives as a speeding train came down on them at 75 miles an hour. the passengers were legally crossing the tracks when the train going on the opposite track almost hit them. it was a close call but no one was hurt. the engineer who was stopped at the station tested positive for pot after 9 incident and both engineers should have been in radio contact. they are on paid administrative lead spend pending the results of an investigation. >>> and fires will resume battling a brush fire as soo
in this race these clips popped up online. obama campaign pounced. now the romney team is trying to manage the fall . this morning the romney campaign is in crisis mode scrambling to explain a secretly recorded tape where he tells wealthy donors nearly half of all americans see themselves as victims. mother jones a left leaning magazine posted the clips, mother jones did not release the full remarks. in one clip the candidate says there is a number of americans who will vote for president obama, no matter what. >> reporter: in another clip romney talks about voters who do not pay income taxes. >> reporter: the obama campaign seized on the comments campaign manager saying: >> reporter: at a quickly arranged press conference romney tried to explain his words. >> it is not elegantly stated. of course individuals are going to take responsibility for their life and my campaign about helping people take more responsibility and becoming employed again. >> reporter: mitt romney says he hopes that all of his remarks will be released. mother jones says the person who shot the video does not work for
'm larry beil. >> coming up next, why president obama is criticizing congress this morning. also republican presidential candidate mitt romney makes a brief bay area appearance at a peninsula fund raiser and while switzerland's national rail company is accusing apple of stealing its iconic look on >> mitt romney released his tax returns for last year. it shows they made 13.7 million and paid 1.9 million in taxes. that's 14.1%. yesterday he ride for an event hosted by former secretary of state george shultz and his wife, and meg whitman. supporters and protesters lined the roofs. >> we don't know what the romney plan is. i would love to hear it, but i don't think they are going to tell us. so if they are going to go back to the bush era, we are in for a very scary time. >> i hear barack obama, who doesn't know the difference between a general and an admiral when he made a mistake last week or called him a march corpsman, i get an idea he doesn't get it. >> tickets cost more than $100,000 a couple. >>> a frightening moment for mitt romney's wife. the plane she was on had to make an emergency
. the obama campaign has spent more than 40 million dollars in ads in ohio. romney campaign more than 20 million in three critical battleground states president obama is in the lead. romney campaign says their internal polling in those states shows a tighter race. >> they have to plant a flag in ohio and fight like crazy many >> reporter: romney's path to victory is shrinking. the president is within 15 electoral votes of the 270 he needs to win reelection. mitt romney would need to win nearly all of the remaining seven tossup states to win the white house. they all went for president obama in 2008. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> prep work gets in full swing today for next week's oracle open world the annual weeklong tech conference that brings in 50,000 gets underway sunday army of techs will begin transforming the moss mosconey center today. [ unintelligible ] >>> mike is here with the big story that affects everybody the weather it is changing. >> it is. today a little bit, tomorrow sunday, monday, big time changes heatwave coming in. what is slowing it today is thicker fog,
fund. >> the obama administration is bracing for more violent protests at u.s. diplomatic missions in the muslim world following friday weekly prayers. angry demonstrators against an anti-islamic film continue in egypt yesterday. protestors were facing off egyptian forces. meantime, this is what is left. u.s. consulate in libya after it was attacked by militants. it killed the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. two of the three americans were former navy seals who lived in san diego county. libyan government announced it has arrested several of the militants they believe were responsible for the attacks. >> kristen: we spoke to one of ambassador chris stevens closest friends. he is a u.n. mediator who worked with stevens in libya. he is a visiting scholar at u.c. berkeley. he described his friend as humanist. >> chris is one of those people as with many of us who work in 24 th line of work that have interested in culture. languages the he puts pride a lot in understanding the culture. he was born to this work. >> kristen: stevens was the first u.s. ambassador to die in an attack since
pelosi. democrats are ready to make their case to the nation as to why president obama deserves another four years in office. inspiring young voters one goal of organizers who land to stream the entire convention on the internet and a spanish language version as well. >> we know the latino vote could be the deciding vote for the president and so, it is awesome they are doing this, very important. >> protesters were already out on streets of charlotte, they marched by the bank of america headquarters and wells fargo bank yesterday. >>> convention hasn't even started yet, one delegate has been sent home after two members were found to be intoxicated when they got to their hotel over the weekend. no word on whether the media party contributed to the ejection of that delegate. sometime after the party, the two california delegates showed up at their hotel, one passed out the other falsely claimed to be a congressman. no names released there have been apologies. >>> our own mark matthews going to be live all week from the democratic national convention look for his reports beginning at 4 p.m
seen. reports are saying three others were killed as well. president obama has released a statement within the last 20 minutes or so it says in part: on a personal note, chris was a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. he selflessly served our country and the libyan people at our mission in benghazi. his legacy will endure wherever human beings reach for liberty and justice. i'm profoundly grateful for his service to my administration and deeply saddened by the loss. a statement from president obama. protesters had swarmed the embassy in benghazi, reportedly over an amateur film made by an american the film ridiculed islam's prophet know ham dad. in egypt protesters stormed the american embassy and tore down the american flag. secretary of state clinton says she is concerned the protest might spread to other countries and u.s. embassies throughout the arab world are on high alert. >>> we have developing news from the city of alameda, firefighters put out a fire at a duplex this morning. crews say there were heavy flames from the rear of the building on pacif
's expected to accuse the obama administration of squandering those sacrifices. hispanics are a key voting bloc in the election. >> president obama's attention will be on china today. set to announce new trade inment against beijing during a trip to ohio. white house targeting chinese automobile and auto part subsidies. people in ohio blame china for hurting the state's auto industry ohio is a battleground state. >>> governor brown says he's willing to live on the cheap if votes -- if voters turn down prop 30. he recently ate a two-day old tuna sandwich to prove his point. he told the paper he's not replacing things in his office. prop 30 will temporarily raise state sales tax and increase income tax on the wealthy. >>> strong typhoon has left tens of thousands of homes in southwestern japan without power and now it is moving to korea. winds of 96 miles per hour. the storm crossed over sunday and dumped heavy rains. wind gusts reached 125 miles, the coast guard says a man downed sunday while swimming in high waves off a southern japanese island. >>> why would you do that? >> swimming? not
controversy and mystery over the infamous video of romney disparaging half of americans. president obama took a jab last night. katie marzullo with the latest. >> reporter: this morning coming off that appearance on letterman, president obama spending a rare full day at the white house. mitt romney has a fundraiser in atlanta and two appearances in miami. a lot of people asking who took the secret video that has landed romney in hot water? coed for of mother jones magazine which published the recording tells abc news the person is someone excited about being in a room with a presidential candidate. the tape did not come from opposition researchers or a political campaign. it appears the video was shot from a bar in the room at one point you can hear someone order a drink. it was president carter's grandson, james carter iv who acted as liaison between who record the video and magazine. >> a lot of my twitter followers have been saying this is poetic justice that a carter was the one that had helped to get thought video that has given the romney campaign so much trouble. a grew with that. -- i
businesses. >>> both presidential candidates will be in ohio today. president obama and mitt romney have been running neck and neck among voters in the buckeye state. one candidate is opening up a lead in the polls. kira klapper joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: today's face off comes as new polls show romney falling behind and if he were to lose ohio his path to victory would be difficult. numbers out today one poll had romney eight points behind president obama in ohio. in another swing state florida, romney trails by four points. this map shows projections of the steep climb for romney without ohio he would need every other battleground state at the same time he needs to stay on message. yesterday at a rally in ohio romney backtracked a bit on the comment he made about the 47%. he said he doesn't have to worry about. >> i want to be president of all the people of america. i want to help all the people of america. you don't get into a race like this with myself and my family and do the work and commitment that we've put forward without the passion to help all of america. >> reporter:
by replacements called the packers win against seattle even president obama and gop vp candidate paul ryan agree it was the wrong call that's along with football fans nationwide. under the new deal the refs get more money, compromise on a pension 401(k) plan and the nfl may hire some officials fulltime. >> still have control of the officials also give them increased pay, increased salaries, increased ability to at least continue their good careers. i think in many ways both sides compromise. there's pain on both sides at the end of the negotiations but heal once both sides get together. >> reporter: the regular refs had been locked out since june in a few over compensation also the power to bench bad refs. as it turned out no one was worse than the replacements, one had been fired by the women's lingerie football league. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> time for a look at the weather. warm-up is on the way. >>> absolutely. can't tell now a lot of fog good morning one mile visibility at napa, novato half mile santa rosa and also half moon bay right now sfo at 10, some of that fog is leaking through
transbay t >> welcome back, everyone. new this morning, while president obama has a small 3% edge over republican mitt romney in ten national voter policy taken since the conventions, polls in key battleground states give him a bigger lead in electoral college delegate counts. polls show president obama leading in 11 of 12 battleground states which have become the focus of both candidates. the nonpartisan website "real clear" shows the president leading his challenger with 332 electoral votes, 62 more than needed to assure his reelection. romney's delegate count is 206. he needs to capture at least 8 of the 12 swing states to get enough electoral votes to win the presidency. right now he's leading in only two states won by president obama in 2008, indiana and north carolina. >>> a lockout is now official in the national hockey league. it could have a huge economic impact on san jose. for each home game the sharks draw about 17,000 money-spending fans to hp pavilion, the shark tank. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon has more on what's at stake. >> reporter: word of the nation
allowed in that event. he swung through in july attending fundraisers. >>> president obama will be returning to the bay area as well for his sixth event in the past year. tickets for october 8th, concert and rally at civic auditorium on sale from $100 to $7500. president obama's last bay area visit also in july he spent 83 million dollars last month on his campaign. romney has spent more than 50 million dollars so far on his campaign. >>> concord city workers taking the ticket lines 90 minutes from now to protest the first of 13 furlough fridays. you see city workers demonstrating against school funding cuts with tears. the union local that represents the emergency dispatchers claims furloughs are unlawful because voters passed measure q two years ago. union says that raised city revenue for the purpose of protecting and maintaining municipal services and claims the referendum is being ignored. >>> you have interesting facts about the endeavour built here in california. inspired me to look up a few tidbits the -- >> this could a while. >> no just this one, the only one name
fresno. the romney-ryan ticket is slamming the obama administration for yesterday's weak jobs report for the month of august. only 96,000 new jobs were created last month, 35,000 fewer than expected. the jobless rate fell to 8.1%, but only because a lot of people stopped looking for work. in fact the u.s. workforce has fallen to its lowest level in 31 years. speaking of jobs, more than two dozen bus drivers in the north bay may be losing theirs. the ma of rin independent journal reports the transit could lay off as many as 36 bus drivers t could happen if they lose the contract to provide bus service in marin county. right now they pay to operate their bus routes. but under a renegotiated contract, it could save the county million and they could keep the contract but provide 25% less service. it will be discussed during a september 17th meeting. >>> on the other side of the coin bay area companies will be filling more than 300 positions during next week's job fair. that event will be at the hotel wi t.c. om in market street in san francisco from noon to four on wednesday. we have det
. >> president obama will be speaking to the same forum today in coral gables, florida romney moves on to sarasota >>> the federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and woman is likely to come before the u.s. supreme court before the end of this term that's the pin of justice ruth -- justice ruth bader ginsburg. she said the measure is likely to be considered by the core this term. a judge in new york has already declared that law unconstitutional. >>> nfl fined quarterback alex smith $15,000 then rescinded it. his offense? wearing a san francisco giants cap in a post-game news conference last season. the league says players are not allowed to wear nonnfl sponsor add parallel. in the -- the league resinned the fine and gave smith a warning. smith says he was just trying to show support for the giants. i'm wondering if there is someone there to tell him these things. i'm sure they have a rule book, you can't remember all those things. >> especially with all the playbook stuff in your head. if you wear a giants cap and it is against the rules is that a west coast offe
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